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  • Department of Islamic Development Malaysia ( JAKIM ) is the agency responsible for the Islamic affairs including halal certification in Malaysia. Therefore, JAKIM plays very important role to protect Muslim consumers in Malaysia and it is always been JAKIM’s responsibility to assure them to seek for halal products as urged by Shariah.
  • For the purpose of halal certification, JAKIM has to ascertain the halal status of the product at every stage and at every process involved by carrying out an official site inspection on the plants purposely to examine on how the halal status of the raw material is maintained and monitored at all times.
  • Based on these reason, nevertheless, JAKIM requires a reputable and credible foreign halal certification bodies as JAKIM representatives to monitor/verify the halal status of these raw materials and products with responsibility and integrity.
  • The recognition is based on the capability of the foreign halal certification bodies that comply with the Malaysian procedures & guidelines.




  • The validity of the appointment is for two ( 2 ) years.
  • The appointed FHCB shall be listed on JAKIM’s website as the Recognised Foreign Halal Certification Bodies.
  • The FHCB shall submit annual report to JAKIM.
  • JAKIM shall carry out the review audit after the expiration of the appointment period.





  • All meat and meat based products ( including poultry ) intended to be imported to Malaysia must be halal certified by the recognized Foreign Halal Certification Bodies. Also, the plants must be inspected and approved by JAKIM & Department of Veterinary Services ( DVS ) which shall in compliance with The Malaysian Protocol for Halal Meat and Poultry Productions and MS 1500 : 2009.





  • As stated in Para 5 ( 1 ) & ( 2 ) Certification of description of halal for imported food and goods:

(1) All imported food and goods marketed in Malaysia shall not be described as halal unless the imported food and goods comply with the requirements or certified as halal by the foreign halal certification body recognized by JAKIM.

(2) The importer or manufacturer of the food and goods which have been certified as halal by the foreign halal certification body recognized by JAKIM shall mark on the said food and goods, the name of the said certification body.

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Procedures For Appointment Of Foreign Halal Certification Bodies




Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) is the competent authority being responsible for halal certification in Malaysia.


The responsibility in ascertaining the halal status of the products involved not only on the official site inspection of plants but also on the examination on how the Halal status of the raw material is maintained and monitored at all times.


In view of many raw material used in local food production are mostly imported products which requires the appointment of reputable and reliable foreign halal certification bodies to monitor the Halal status of these raw materials. The recognition is also extended to halal status of finished products.


Terms & Conditions

    • The Certification Bodies shall :
    • Be a recognised and registered in the country.    
    • Have permanent membership including syariah expertise.
    • Engage technical expertise /food scientist.
    • Agree to comply with Halal certification requirements or other requirements recommended or approved by JAKIM
    • Agree to allow officers from JAKIM to carry out an audit on its organisation at anytime.



Specific Conditions For Meat And Meat Based Products

    • All meat and meat based products to be exported to Malaysia must be halal. For the purpose of the importation approval, JAKIM and Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia (DVS) will conduct inspection/audit to the abattoirs and processing plants. JAKIM will inspect in terms of halal aspect and DVS will inspect in terms of animal health and food safety. Upon approval of both departments, the abattoirs and processing plants will be listed in the Malaysian approved plants list. The halal certificate issued by the recognised certification body will only be valid upon approval from the Malaysian authority.
    • For the purpose of auditing, the requirement of Malaysian Standard, Halal Food - Production, Preparation, Handling And Storage - General Guidelines (MS 1500:2009) and Malaysian Protocol for The Halal Meat Production will be used. Therefore the plants must comply with these standard and protocol.
    • This certification body shall monitor and execute a supervisory role in matters of Halal at the plant concerned. This supervisory role will be of mutual consent of both the plant management and the certification body before they are considered for appointment by the Malaysian authorities.
    • The arrangement does not override authorities from Malaysia carrying out follow-up inspection visits as and when the need arises.



Procedure On The Recognition



The certification body shall apply directly to JAKIM using the form JAKIM (S)/ (22.00)/72/1 and enclosed the following documents:

    • Certification body profile and a copy of registration document with the local authority.
    • Type of services and social activities of the certification body.
    • Record of past and current activities on halal certification and monitoring services to the abattoirs and processing plants.
    • List and qualification of Muslim professional workers.
    • Sample of halal certificate and logo used by the certification body.
    • Halal certification and monitoring procedures.



Evaluation of Application

    • Application shall be received at least 4 weeks before the date of inspection.
    • Incomplete application will not be processed.
    • Application will be evaluated by the JAKIM Committee.
    • Upon approval of the application, an audit shall be conducted to the operating office of the certification body. The audit shall include a visit to the certified abattoir and processing plant.
    • JAKIM will notify the certification body about the audit schedule.
    • The JAKIM inspection team shall prepare the report of the audit and table to the JAKIM Committee.



Approval and Recognition

    • JAKIM will inform the certification body officially upon approval of the application. 
    • The validity of the appointment is 2 years by annual and JAKIM shall do the review audit within the period.



Responsibility of the Certification Body

    • The role of the recognised halal certification body is to oversee the halal status in the plant and this role does not mean to relinquish the responsibility of the Malaysian authorities. It only entails the following:-
    • The certification body shall take the responsibility of ensuring that the Halal products to be exported to Malaysia are in compliance with MS 1500:2009 and other Malaysia’s requirement.
    • The certification body must submit to JAKIM an audit report on the plants under its supervision in every six months.
    • The certification body shall inform JAKIM any changes regarding the plant monitored.
    • The certification body shall inform JAKIM any changes in the organisation including the halal certification procedures.
    • The certification body shall responsible to submit a six-month report on its monitoring and audit activities of the plants concerned.



Conditions On Withdrawal Of Appointment

Appointment shall be withdrawn if any of the following occurs:

    • The certification body loses its legal status by law.
    • Failure of the certification body in monitoring the halal status of the abattoirs and processing plants.
    • Failure of the certification body to fulfill Malaysia’s requirement on halal certification including failure to submit the six-month report of monitoring and audit activities of the plant in every six months.



Conditions For Halal Certification Body Doing Other Certification

    • The Certification Body head office shall be registered and operated in Muslim countries.
    • The Certification Body shall owned by Muslims.

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