Mission, Vision And Objectives


To ensure that all products which are endorsed or certified Halal are pure and Halal in accordance with Islamic principles.


To become an influential Halal Certification centre that is recognized nationally and internationally.

Quality Objective

To examine, certify and regulate all food and consumer products applicable to Muslims in an efficient and effective manner so as to guarantee purity and halal certification in accordance with Islamic principles.

"And do not eat from (slaughter of halal animals) upon which the name of Allah has not been invoked at the time of slaughter, for doing so is a sin and the evil one whispers to his disciples, to disobey and incites you and if you disobey and make that which is haram as halal, then you would certainly be one of the polytheists"

Halal History

The involvement of the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) to confirm the status of halal on consumer food products and goods in the country began in the year 1974 when the Research Center of the Islamic Affairs Division of the Prime Minister's Office started to issue halal certification letters for products that met the criteria.

Beginning  1994, halal confirmation was given in the form of a certificate with a Halal logo, and beginning 30th September 1998, halal inspections were carried out by Ilham Daya, a company appointed by the government.

On 1st September 2002, the government decided that all halal certification activities will be conducted by JAKIM's Food and Islamic Consumer Products Division which comprised only of 28 positions.

Due to the rapid development of the food industry in this country and in order to meet the needs of the Muslim population, on 17th November 2005, the Public Service Department of Malaysia approved a total of 165 positions from different schemes, grades and designations to create the newly named Halal Hub Division.

On April 2nd 2008, the Halal Industry Development Corporation took over the management of all halal certification activities.

"However the Cabinet meeting on July 8, 2009, has resolved the Malaysian Halal certification management within and outside the country returned to JAKIM."

Client Charter

" In many ways, you could say our main services is the responsibility of the people. That is our most difficult task. 90% of our employees have been dedicated to this service. "

Issuing halal certification for the company within 30 days after payment is received and fulfilled all the procedures and conditions stipulated halal certification. An investigation within 24 hours (working days) after receiving the complaint. Issued a letter of recognition to the Agency for Halal Certification 2 months after meeting the accreditation process.


Definition Of Scheme

1. Food Products and Beverages Functional Foods and Beverage Means goods resulting Created Or To Man.

2. Consumer Goods Consumable materials means goods excluding food and drink.

3. Food Premises Food premises mean any building or any structure, permanent or otherwise for the preparation, presentation and sale of any food such as restaurants, food courts, cafeterias, bakeries, cake and pastry shop, fast food restaurants, franchise restaurants, canteens, kiosks , catering, hotel and other.

4. Abattoir slaughterhouse means a place or premises for slaughtering and processing animals for commercial.

5. Logistics means the transportation of goods and / or services or warehousing and cargo chain or retail-related activities associated with the management and handling of food, beverage and merchandise.

6. Pharmaceutical refers to pharmaceutical products in dosage forms finished products including prescription and non-prescription medicines for human use (biopharmaceuticals, radiopharmaceuticals, traditional medicines, dietary supplements and medicines research) that are registered with the Drug Control Authority under the Ministry Health .

7. Cosmetics and Toiletries Cosmetics and Toiletries mean substances and preparations are made to come into contact with the various external parts of the body (epidermis, hair, nails, lips and external hard organ) or on teeth and mucous in the mouth of the channel. It is intended solely to clean, perfume, change the appearance and / or repair body odors and / or protecting them or keep them in good condition.


Address / Location

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